December Goals



         It’s the last month of 2016! Where did this year go?! Personally, this year was another tough one for me. I lost a job, got a new one, left that one, got another one. Yeah, I know. I lost sight of what truly makes me happy and found it again. I let myself think I wasn’t worthy of greatness and realized that everyone is worthy of greatness. Like I said, it’s been a rough year, at least the last part of it. This is going to sound cheesy, but it really made me stronger. I was in an environment that was negative everyday, worked awful hours, never saw my family, stopped taking care of myself and I finally put my foot down. It is AMAZING how making a change can just help you breathe. After that, I vowed to do as much as I could the rest of the year and the rest of my life. Like I said, everyone is worthy of greatness and happiness whatever that may be to you.

        With all of that being said, every month I like to make goals for myself. I don’t necessarily write them down, but I know what I want to achieve. Whether it is something creative, physical, or to make a change of how I treat others, a goal is a goal and they are something I believe everyone should have. They help you compete and challenge yourself to do better, achieve the person you want to be or make your life just better in general. Sometimes I feel like if I share them with others, it helps to me to stay accountable in reaching them. So! Here’s what I have my eyes on for the last month of 2016!

  1. Stop apologizing.  My boyfriend is always telling to stop apologizing for something that’s not my fault or for being myself. After he mentioned it, I realized how often I said the words, “I’m sorry”.
  2. Take care of myself. This one has a two parts to it. First, I’m the type of person who will almost always make sure others are happy before I’m happy. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. Sometimes I would sacrifice something important to me to make others happy. Such a people pleaser, I know. I blame working in retail my whole life. Until now! Yes, it is always good to help others, but at some point you have to help yourself first. Second, I’m going to get my butt back to Bodfit Bootcamp twice a week and workout at least four times a week. People say I make excuses because I used to work 10-7 and I’d have the whole morning off to do this. Maybe I was, but I am the furthest thing from a morning person and that was a struggle for me. But in order to feel comfortable in my own skin again, I’m determined to make this lifestyle change.
  3. Be more patient. Ask my mom, I’ve never been a patient person in my entire life. I guess it also comes with the generation I’m from/grew up in. Everyone wants something instantly. But I also need to learn to be more patient with people.
  4. Stop caring what other people think. I’ll be honest. When I first decided I wanted to consistently blog as something I enjoy doing, my first thought was, “what will everyone think?!”. Then I told myself, WHO CARES! This is something I enjoy doing: writing, photos, reaching out to people. People will support it, some won’t. Also, and this goes back to taking better care of myself, I HATE to get dressed nowadays. Ironic since I want to blog about life and style, right?  But, the one word that is constantly running through my head is the word fear. If you’re afraid of something, go after it. Face it. What’s on the other side can’t be much worse than you think.
  5. Live in the moment. I’m so guilty of wishing and wanting “better” things in my life. I say “better” because I tend to think if I have this or that my life will be better. When I know that the people I surround myself and life experiences make life “better”. I lost my thinking of “everything happens for a reason when it happens” mentality towards the end of this year. I went through a really bad depression (still have bad days) and I was so fixated on what would make me happy that I didn’t realize I have everything that makes life good. Family, friends, my love, a job. I should be so grateful for these things because some people have none of that. I finally left my pity party for one last month. I had to. I was sick of laying in my bed every day, crying every day, wasting my energy on being sad.

For the remainder of 2016 and in 2017, these goals are staying with me. Nobody is perfect and nobody should be perfect. I admire people who can admit their flaws and either embrace them or change them for the better. I hope you all set some goals, anything!, that would make you happier or stronger. Especially us girls. We need to stick together!

Have a great week my friends, I’ll be trying to get over this cold before Christmas and of course shopping for my secret Santas!

Things are fragile, but we’re all being carried and I think we’re all on our path in that sense. As fragile as things are, we’re still getting there.- Andrew McMahon




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