New Year, New Perspective

New Years

Oh hey friends! You may be wondering why I’m back on my blog after saying I was done with it. Bear with me and I’ll lay most of it out for you, promise! But first things first… I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays at the end of 2016. I celebrated Christmas and many birthdays, including my own, at the beginning of the new year. I also took time to reflect on the things I enjoy in life and what truly makes me happy and excited. The reason I’m back blogging has to do a lot with my time away from it.

I took a break around the holidays because- the holidays. During that time I didn’t really feel inspired, I felt very depressed, I felt lost and really just hid in my room. What a way to end a year, huh? There were days I would just cry at my desk at work for no reason. I was a mess. THEN I celebrated my 31 birthday. 31.  I think I freaked out more about turning 31 than 30! You may think this is silly and that you have change your mindset any day of the week, but for me it was on my 31st birthday. I did not want to start a new year and a new age feeling unworthy, having zero self confidence, and not having any personal goals. That day I decided that I was going to do everything I could to get healthy. Healthy in my mind, healthy with my body… Just healthy and happy.

Where does blogging fit into this? Well, I realize that everyone nowadays thinks their story should be heard and guess what.. it should. We can learn so much from each other even if it’s through social media. But we have to LISTEN and not JUDGE one another. During my personal development binge, I realized that I enjoy writing, connecting, and creating a space for anyone to enjoy. I don’t want it to confined to just one topic. Most bloggers would shush me because consistent content is key, but you know what…oh well! My time away from writing, blogging, and photography made me realize that those are things I truly enjoy.

So, I hope you’ll still following along as I have some content coming up about fitness, mental health, goals, life adventures and more. I really want to, for lack of better words, keep it real. Life isn’t all what is in the squares of an Instagram page or what people CHOOSE to share on Facebook. However, it is what YOU make of it.

Look for more posts weekly and please feel free to talk with me!

“It all begins and ends with your mind. What you give power to, has power over you.”-unknown

xo, Janine



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