Simple Beauty {02.20.17}


With Winter feeling like its on its way out here in CT, I started thinking about how my dry skin will finally take a hike. Moisturizer has been my best friend which is ironic because my skin is probably the oiliest on the planet (thanks, mom!). I wanted to share my normal beauty routine to keep my skin hydrated and as clear as possible to maybe help others and get some suggestions for myself. Please note: this post is not sponsored, but you’ll find out why I swear by bareMinerals.

Flashback to my early 20s when I used liquid concealer like it was my job. I have oily skin to begin with then add all the extra goop on top? Sure, why not! I was living in Virginia at the time and my aunt suggested I try bareMinerals. I thought, “yes because powder is going to stay on my face let alone cover up anything”. Well, turns out my aunt was right (Thanks, Aunt CeCe!). Now it’s my daily routine to use all of their products because they keep my skin in balance. And to me, less is always more. dscn0482

Was anyone else freaking out when bareMinerals revamped their line?! I had my doubts about it, but was honestly too afraid to go back to drugstore face wash (nothing wrong with that) in fear my skin would just go nuts. So I use this cleanser in the morning and evenings and LOVE it. My face is LITERALLY squeaky clean after. I follow it up with this moisturizer before make up. It’s light and creamy without a feeling of a film left on your face- love!


For my makeup, I keep it super simple for work because, well, its work. Less is more in my opinion. The less makeup, the more breathable skin is. I just use a matte powder, blush, and eyebrow pencil. On the weekends, I’ll add eyeshadow and lipstick because who doesn’t love a good lip color? If I didn’t get enough sleep and it shows, I tend to use the the Complexion Rescue under my eyes.


The last time I was in the West Farms location, I saw this perfecting veil at the register and though I’d give a try. As a setting for your makeup, I love it! It’s light so nothing looks caked on.

But most importantly… I drink water pretty much 24/7 to keep my skin hydrated. Seems so simple, right? Well, I fell off the wagon last week and let me tell you, my skin (and rest of my body) paid for it. I had breakouts and dry skin…lesson learned!

My question for you, my beauty lovers, do any of you have recommendation for a mask? I’m dying to try one. Something that works well with oily skin. Thank you in advance ladies!

“It’s nice to just embrace the natural beauty within you.”-unknown

xo, Janine

**This post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own.**




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